Manose Health and Beauty Research Center Staffs have a study trip in South Korea.

             During 9-13th May 2018, staffs from Manose Health and Beauty Research Center led by Dr. Woradej Manosroi (Assistant of Managing Director), Dr. Charinya Chankhampan (Director of R & D) and Dr. Worapong  Kitdamrongtam (Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division)have visited South Korea at several interesting places which were Gyeongbokgung Palace, Nami Island, Pocheon Art Valley, Everland Park, Ginseng and herbal center of South Korea and Myeongdong Market. This trip was sponsored by Prof. Dr. Jiradej Manosroi (CEO) and Prof. Dr. Aranya Manosroi (MD). The knowledges and experiences obtained from this study trip can be applied for the work at Manose.


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Pocheon Nami Group_๑๘๐๕๑๖_0003Seoul Tower_๑๘๐๕๑๖_0023


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