The Patent invention of The fish feed containing sex hormones” by Professor Dr. Jiradej  Manosroi, Professor Dr. Aranya  Manosroi and the inventors team, when they was the Professor at Chiang Mai University, now they’re the chairman of Cosmetic Technology Division and Master Degree Program, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, North – Chiang Mai University

The Patent of “The fish feed containing sex hormones”base on the pharmaceutical and fishery science research results by Professor Dr. Jiradej  Manosroi, Professor Dr. Aranya  Manosroi and the inventors team, when they was the Professors at Chiang Mai University, register a patent since 26th December, 2003. Department of Intellectual Property has been registered and issued a patent for Chiang Mai University on 25th May, 2013.

This invention concerns the preparation method of fish feed containing sex hormones such as male sex hormones : 17 a – methyltestosterone, fluoxymesterone and mesterolone or orther hormones for the sex conversion of fish. This fish feed compose of hormones, corn starch, disintegrants, binders and proper floating aids. Those substances can be from nature, synthetic, structural modification or derivatives of natural substances. The fish feed from this invention will be in small grannular forms or any suitable forms by controlling of the particle size. This procedure can efficiently convert the sex of fish from male to female. Also, the amount of hormone used can be reduced due to the feeding of fry just after hatching. This procedure can change the sex of fry to all male and increase the growth rate of fish.

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