Nowadays, economical competition is extremely high in worldwide. One of the highest economic growth is in ASEAN. Recently, the global economic was US$ 63 trillion and the average growth of the economic was at 4-5% per year. Last 10 years ago especially in 2009, the global economic has been slowing down from the Hamburger crisis in the United states. Last 5 years ago, the economic expansion value of ASEAN was increased to 5.2% per year. The expectation of the GDP growth was at 7-8% per year in 2015. The US$ 1.8 trillion of the ASEAN economic is actually lower proportion than the global economic (US$ 63 trillion). This is in fact due to the small population size of ASEAN (10% of the global population). The proportion of the ASEAN economics is only 3% of the global economics. So, ASEAN can grow more because of the broad world market, the low production cost and the worldwide free trade areas. Moreover, they are also ASEAN plus eight / plus nine that the free trade areas include 80% of the powerful and potential economic countries. The cost of the ASEAN product is not only low, but also can be exported to worldwide with the free trade. Therefore, ASEAN has the highest economic growth in the world. It is thus the good chance for Thailand to set up the new business.

Thailand can be the center of medical health and beauty in the ASEAN region and global part. Last year, Thailand has the highest expansion of health care business in this region. The numbers of foreign patients who have been admitted and treated in Thailand increase to 2 million per year which are more than the total number of the patients who have been treated in Singapore and India. In 2008, Newsweek has ranked a hospital in Thailand as one of the ten best hospitals in the world and then can become the largest hospital in ASEAN. Thailand is the medical center of Asia because of having 400 private hospitals, modern apparatus for the treatment with high qualified and expert personnels. Also, the medical care business in Thailand has rapidly grown to 5.7% per year. Most people in ASEAN are treated in Thailand, but not in America or Europe as in the past. Thailand has novel technology of international standard and higher quality services with lower cost of the treatment than the western countries. Therefore, health and beauty business which is one part of the medicinal and pharmaceutical services in Thailand will be simultaneously growing. In fact, Thailand has to realize the research and development of science, medical and pharmaceutical areas especially health and beauty. So, the distinctive point and advantage of herbal and natural products can make Thailand be the leader of this business in ASEAN.

At present, the business is not only the trading, but also the technology in order to increase the chance and competition. Thus, it is interesting to develop Thailand to be the research and development (R&D) center in this region. In fact, the world economical development depends on technology. The country that has new and high quality products and low cost production will has the chance to expand and grow the economic more than other countries. R&D is the main condition of the success. The growth parameter can be estimated from the R&D budget of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Israel is the number one country of the world that uses the budget for R&D (4.8% GDP), followed by Sweden, Finland, Japan and Korean (more than 3% GDP) and United State, Germany, Singapore and France (more than 2% GDP). Thailand is only at 0.2% GDP. In fact, the Thai government has the strategy to increase the R&D budget to 1% GDP for new product researches. The trend of R&D will emphasize the marketing products such as agricultural products including natural products and herbs using biotechnology and nanotechnology approaches.


Prof. Dr. Jiradej  Manosroi and Prof. Dr. Aranya Manosroi were professors at Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University for over 35 years. They have been doing researches and teaching the undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. degree students (more than 25 graduated Ph.D.). They have more than 37 years of experiences in health and beauty medicinal sciences and pharmacy researches of drugs, herbs, food supplements and cosmetics. They have over 25 national and international patents and over 400 national and international journal publications. Over 30 pure compounds from the Thai herbs have been isolated by their group and over 5 new biological compounds have been found out as well as many new analysis methods have been developed. They have got many national and international awards. Since 1997, Prof. Dr. Jiradej Manosroi and his team have developed the Thai medicinal plant recipes database “MANOSROI I” to “MANOSROI III”. This database has collected the medicinal textbook recipes from all regions of Thailand. At present, more than 90,000 recipes which have been translated and checked for the correction are recorded in the database (updated on November, 2020). It will contain over 200,000 recipes when the database is completed. The MANOSROI III database is beneficial for the researches of drugs, cosmetics and food supplements. These medicinal plant recipes have been recorded from the Thai folklore wisdoms and used for the treatment in human for long time. The application in human in the past can be compared as the present clinical trial phase of drug research and development step. Only the effective medicinal plant recipes have been recorded and continually used until now. Moreover, MANOSROI III database is the way to conserve the folklore wisdoms of Thai medicinal plant recipes. At present, the MANOSROI IV database is in the process of developing as a more modern database and easy to be used by public as well as to cover the Thai medicinal plant recipes of almost all parts of Thailand.


In 2015, Thailand has participated in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) with the free trading and investment among ten Southeast Asia countries (including Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia). The trend of the global health and beauty care at present is the application of natural products. Thailand has advantages of abundant biological diversity with rich beneficial herbal plants as well as valuable folklore wisdoms. Some herbs have been researched and developed to products by the government sectors and universities but it is still not enough for the customer and the trader demands to have high quality and safe natural products for consumption and investment. One of many reasons is the lack of having standard private sectors which can provide the services of researches and development as well as the qualitative/ quantitative analysis on natural products for health and beauty to respond to the needs of customers and traders.

Prof. Dr. Jiradej Manosroi and Prof. Dr. Aranya Manosroi have established the Manose Health and Beauty Research Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The company has officially open and run since 13 January 2014 with 12 expertised and high experienced personnels in the standard laboratory equipped with high efficient and sophisticated scientific apparatus and equipments.


An international leader in research and development of natural products

Manose Health and Beauty Research Center, ChiangMai, Thailand